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Paan like you’ve
never had before

Paan has been enjoyed in the Asian culture for hundreds of years for its delightful taste and digestive qualities. PaanOye is a reinvention of this tradition through modern packaging and distribution using superior, healthy ingredients and hygienic methods.

Think in the box!

Complete your meals in a traditional and healthy way.

Paan Oye was started in Pune, with the idea of giving the good old Paan a cleaner, healthier and most importantly, a tastier avatar!
We wanted to create a Paan that our patrons would love to eat without bothering about the quality of materials that went into it or being concerned about its hygiene. We also wanted to make sure that our patrons get Paan where its most needed; at a restaurant or at home!

Dancing to the rhythm of Paan Oye

PaanOye is a Fssai accredited firm that strives to curate a health-friendly paan. We are oriented with the thought of providing the pleasure to munch on these heavenly tasting bits of joy to everybody. PaanOye has been established with the motive of serving happiness to people of all age groups in a hygienic way. They have been successful in crafting their unique ideation into boxes of delights. Eliminating harmful ingredients like Katha, Tobacco, there are carving their meetha road to give all the families a meetha time.

From Paan
to PaanOye

Paan Oye is FSSAI licensed. It’s made in a hygienic kitchen where our chefs adorn not only caps and gloves but also an attitude of responsibility and care. We have taken more than six months of joyful work and trial and error to come up with our recipe. Paan Oye therefore has a few ingredients like honey and soft Gooseberry candy that have probably never been used in Paan. Since Paan Oye is a delicacy to be enjoyed by families, we have made sure it does not have even a tiny ounce of any harmful ingredient like Tobacco or Supari in it.
We wanted to bring back the use of health restoring herbs in Paan as was the practice in our culture and therefore we have added a healthy dose of Ayurvedic herbs like Ashvagandha and Mulethi to our Paan. Paan Oye is made fresh everyday and supplied to our restaurants and food shops. Needless to mention that Paan Oye does not contain any added preservatives or chemicals and comes to you in its absolute natural and fresh avatar.

Our Process

This unique idea has been conceptualized to give a happy ending to meals.

Meetha Paan

The appropriate amount of sweetness with dates and resins along with Gulkand, Gooseberry candy, Papaya preserve and honey gives this Paan a very juicy demeanour. The sweetness is complimented by an infusion of mint that creates a dance of flavours in the mouth. Our Meetha Paan is almost twice the size of a commercially sold Paan. We wanted to make sure that our patrons get a sense of satisfaction by munch on to these yummy bits for just a little bit longer than usual. The Paan leaf, specially procured from the markets of Kolkata, adds its fresh little sting when its bitten. Its soft and chewy texture just melts in the mouth leaving behind fresh breath and a satisfied smile.

Chocolate Paan

A delectable fusion of rich creamy dark chocolate coated on to a specially curated Meetha Paan brings to the palette a marriage of flavours that is unique to the eastern part of the world. The coming together of Cocoa, Rose petals and Mint create an absolutely magical experience that is a testament to modern culinary alchemy.

At a Glance

All natural & high quality ingredients
Hygienically prepared
Freshens your breath
Does not stain your mouth
Loaded with health restoring herbs
Freshly made
Awesome taste!
No Tobacco, Supari or any other harmful ingredients

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